Associations Caritatives Internationales (ACI) FONDS DE SOUTIENS A DÉVELOPPEMENT CULTUREL, ÉDUCATIVE ET SPORTIF (France), Russische Apostolische Orthodoxe Kirche, (Switzerland) and International Charitable Organization « Fund for Support of Development of Science, Culture and Sport » (Ukraine) is seeking out a partner for mutual production and sales of original toys – copies of Lunar rover MC-6X and fairy-tale animals: Cubbricks and Gamsters. The Lunar rover MC-6X can be equipped with a system for turning over onto wheels in the event of a rollover, as well as blades for cleaning solar panels.

We’ve developed an original model of “Lunar rover MC-6X” and we have: patent for the toy – Lunar rover; 3D model for printing and for manufacturing of forms; technical specifications of engines, batteries and electronics for controlling the toy via WI-FI using smartphones. It’s planned to mark each toy-lunar rover and the book with an individual number of the owner, which will allow a child and a family to participate on a permanent basis in lotteries, in various gift promotions as well as in prize competitions/actions initiated by the toy manufacturer.

Advertising support: cartoon (production cost of about 5 million dollars) and book (production cost of about 1,45 dollars\copy) “The Adventures Of Cubbricks and Gamsters. Lunar story”. The animated film tells us about the adventures of fairy-tale animals Cubbricks and Gamsters on the Moon with their friends – the mice-astronauts Elon, Musk, Space X and Lunar rovers MC-6X, which are endowed with artificial intelligence. The book and the script of the cartoon are copyrighted. The book can be distributed free of charge throughout the World in any language as a promotional material.

Lunar story-min

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