The MC-6X lunar rover is an international non-governmental project (Associations Caritatives Internationales (ACI) FONDS DE SOUTIENS A DÉVELOPPEMENT CULTUREL, ÉDUCATIVE ET SPORTIF (France) and International Charitable Organization « Fund for Support of Development of Science, Culture and Sport » (Ukraine) for the creation of a planet rover intended for work on the surface of the Moon. MC-6X refers to ultra-small planet rovers and is comparable in size and weight to the Audi Lunar Quattro (Germany) and Hakuto (Japan), which were created under the Google Lunar X PRIZE program.

The Lunar rover MC-6X can be equipped with a system for turning over onto wheels in the event of a rollover, as well as blades for cleaning solar panels. It is the first lunar rover in the world equipped with a system of automatic turning over on wheels in accident of a rollover to the roof.

About the project in the media:

We’ve developed an original model of “Lunar rover MC-6X” and we have: patent for Lunar rover; 3D model for printing and for manufacturing of forms; technical specifications of engines, batteries and electronics for controlling via WI-FI using smartphones.

Dimensions of MC-6X (mm): L – 565, W – 348, H – 225.

MC-6X is made of plastic and alloys based on light metals. Its total weight is 5 kg, the maximum speed is 14 km/h. Six electric motors are powered by solar panels and lithium-ion batteries.

The MC-6X lunar rover is designed to operate on the surface of the Moon for about 14.77 Earth days of under the daylight conditions. The lunar rover MC-6X has undergone both preliminary and critical analysis of the project.  Its engineering model is currently being tested.

The prototype of MC-6X was presented on February 17, 2020 at the National aviation university in Kiev, Ukraine. At the same day, the agreement on cooperation and partnership for MC-6X project was signed between the NAU and the International Charity Organization « Fund for support of science, culture and sports development ».

Project team:

Founder and CEO of project – Oleksandr Danylchuk (Ukraine),

BD director – Robert Nasibulin (Ukraine),

CTO – Boris Khlobystov (Ukraine),

COO – Alexander Danilov (Ukraine),

CMO – Margarita Raets (Ukraine),

Chief designer – Ruslan Kudaibergenov (Kazakhstan),

Marketing manager – Julia Batsman (France),

Chief consultant – Sergey Sedykh (Russia).

This project provides for the delivery of the MC-6X rover to the lunar surface at the end of 2023 – beginning of 2024 for the purpose of studying the effects of radiation on living organisms and the intensity of meteorite flux.

The lunar rover is being developed by Ukrainian scientists and inventors with the participation of specialists from the Aerospace Institute of the National aviation university of Ukraine.

The project budget starts from $ 6.5 million, while the rover will be a part of payload on the Vulkan Centaur rocket of ULA (United Launch Alliance) and the landing module of Astrobotic (USA).

In case of independent launching the budget is estimated to be at the level of $ 80-90 million. It will provide for the following costs:

  • – launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket;
  • – Nova-C (Intuitive Machines) or Blue Moon (Blue Origin) landing module. Additional funds will be secured through corporate sponsorship, delivery of commercial payload (up to 5 kg), as well as providing partners of the project with unique advertising opportunities:
  • – advertisement on the launch vehicle, providing an image of the partners’ logos during the broadcast of the preparation of the rocket for the launch and the launch itself;
  • – advertisement on the landing module – transmission of logos’ images from the Moon to the Earth taken by MC-6X after landing on the Lunar surface;
  • – advertisement directly on the lunar rover – transmission of logos’ images by the camera mounted on the landing module.

In addition, partners of project are offered the opportunity to create communication programs related to the project and participate in promo and PR campaigns.

Advertising support: cartoon (production cost of about 5 million dollars) and book (production cost of about 1,45 dollars\copy) “The Adventures Of Cubbricks and Gamsters. Lunar story”. The animated film tells us about the adventures of fairy-tale animals Cubbricks and Gamsters on the Moon with their friends – the mice-astronauts: Elon, Musk, Bezos, Branson, Polyakov and Lunar rovers MC-6X, which are endowed with artificial intelligence. The book and the script of the cartoon are copyrighted. The book can be distributed free of charge throughout the World in any language as a promotional material.

CONTACTS for partners, advertisers, sponsors, patrons, philanthropists: Co-autor Oleksandr Danylchuk, ,