Museum of Fairy Tales

It’s one of the projects of our international charitable alliance.

Our life is impossible without the environment formed by the ancestors’ culture and ourselves. Preserving the cultural heritage is as important as preserving the natural environment cultural environment is vital for a person’s spirituality, morality, ‘spiritual commitment’, love to the native land, as well as for his/her self-discipline and socialization. 

In the exposition of the Museum of Fairy Tales we will present the folklore of   countries and world culture (more than 50 countries). Ancient and modern author and folk tales, literary works will be presented. We will also present to the attention of our guests illustrations and paintings of masters. Festivals and competitions with memorable awards, diplomas and gifts will be held regularly on the museum’s territory. The museum will be updated with inexhaustible information and exhibits of   world folklore, including showing animated and other educational films on the screens.

That is why opening the Fairy Tales Museum is such an important and urgent matter for us. The museum is to be a ‘living’ one so that children and adults could get into a ‘real’ Fairyland moving, speaking, rustling, singing, smelling of lakes, forests, bread, ovens, apples…

The museum building is designed as a fairytale castle which looks like Old kremlins surrounded by a moat of water and featuring planked footways, small ladders, turrets, cannons and a chiming clock. We walk across the bridge, look back and suddenly understand that the water separates us from the routine of everyday life, and all we have to do is to make a couple of steps to get into a new, magic world.

Here we are on the ground floor where we take the carriage patiently waiting for us to travel to some fairy tales. We select the tour language which we know best (or, who knows, maybe the one which we are not really good at but are eager to learn) – and off we go! The real moving characters and sceneries are waiting for us around every bend … And what’s around the next one, and the next one? Now they tell us the fairy tale but do not finis it … Once I am back at home, I’ll get the book to find out the final…

You will probably work up an appetite after such journey and won’t wish to leave the wonderful world like this. Well, let us walk up to the first floor and visit a cafe with an open-air terrace.

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