Project “Flight on the verge”: The film production company « Cosmos vision cinema » (Ukraine) are currently developing an movie “Flight on the verge”. At the moment, the project is in the pre-production period.

Screenwriters:  Oleksandr Danylchuk, Kutovoy Sergey.

Logline: “70 ties of 20-th century. Two young graduates from Orenburg Air Force school are heading to regiment of strategic aircrafts of USSR, to the airbase Uzin, where they become trainees in the aircrew Тu-95, called “Bear » and appear in the centre of dizzy events. They have to deal with intrigues, burdens of military service and terrible military secrets, appear between hummer and anvil of powerful secret services of the USSR and the USA, they carry out fatally dangerous task on search of the US aircraft carrier in Atlantic. Ingenuity, faith and love help them to find a way out from the most difficult situations, and unexpected final provides with the important lesson learned”.

The film`s script “Flight on the verge” was awarded with Bohdan Khmelnitskiy prize by the Department of Social and Humanitarian Policy of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in the nomination for the best coverage of war theme in the literature and art. Awarding ceremony took place at Ordenskiy hall of the Headquarter of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. 

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