Associations Caritatives Internationales (ACI) FONDS DE SOUTIENS A DÉVELOPPEMENT CULTUREL, ÉDUCATIVE ET SPORTIF (France), Russische Apostolische Orthodoxe Kirche, (Switzerland) and International Charitable Organization « Fund for Support of Development of Science, Culture and Sport » (Ukraine),  offer a children’s books “The Adventures of Cubbricks and Gamsters. Lunar story” and « The Adventures of Cubbricks And Gamsters. The Treasure Returners” for delivery to any countries in any language (21 language) for FREE distribution among the children. The books are published with the pseudonym “Sophier Сhrumtier”.

Logline «Lunar Story »: A group of forest animals are accidentally caught on the Earth-Moon spaceship, which has to undertake an emergency landing on the Moon along with a crew of mice-astronauts and a couple of «intelligent» Lunar Rovers. Left with a limited amount of air and without communication, the animals find a way to notify the Earth about their desperate plight, save the alien crew, and prevent a space disaster.

What we offer?

  • – 101 pages in book, B5 format, 19 illustrations;
  • – circulation from 35 thousand copies to 10 millions copies;
  • – delivery from Ukraine to any country in any language (including VAT and excluding duties);
  • – the circulation is paid by advertisers, sponsors, patrons, philanthropists;
  • – the cost of a copy with a circulation from 35 thousand – 1, 45 Euros/copy;
  • – each book is provided with a code (number), which allows to participate in contests promotions and lotteries organized by sponsors, patrons, philanthropists for a long time and repeatedly.

CONTACTS for partners, advertisers, sponsors, patrons, philanthropists: Co-autor Oleksandr Danylchuk,,